Sign + Cork Countertop

The work Robotodd Industries did for Sticky Ypsi, an Ypsilanti, MI marijuana dispensary, was two parts – outdoor signage and a cork tile top for the “bud-tending” counter.

The “Stick” part of the sign is made a type of steel known as Corten (A505). Corten is special because, unlike normal steel, it is meant to rust. The surface of the metal will maintain a nice golden brown while resisting further corrosion. The rest of the sign is made of CNC cut acrylic with vinyl backing.

The “bud-tending” countertop was our first time working with cork in any way. However, the result was a one-of-a-kind top that becomes the focal point of the room. The countertop is trimmed with a custom made six inch red oak trim with a dark walnut brown stain.

*Robotodd Ind. was responsible for the countertop only. The remaining wood work was done by another contractor.

Corten and acrylic sign for Ypsilanti, MI marijuana dispensary, Sticky Ypsi.

Cork tile counter top with red oak trim.

Cork tile counter top with red oak trim.

  • Role Co-Designer, Fabricator, Finisher

  • For Sticky Ypsi, Ypsilanti, MI

  • Date August 2012

  • URL

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