Table Fix + Busing Cabinet

After only a year of use, the solid walnut tables at Spencer were having some issues and showing wear well beyond their young lives related mostly to improper construction. We were enlisted to do what we could to fix those problems as well as add some additional pieces to this compact, yet beautiful little restaurant.

Aside from flattening and refinishing the six dining table, our main goal was to improve the cutlery and busing cabinet. Keeping in line with other materials already in use in the restaurant, we built a more functional cabinet from mostly solid walnut that would fit unnoticed under and existing shelf. We also made miniature versions of the hairpin legs used on the dining tables for the cabinet.

In March 2018, we came back and added two more shelves so they could replace the wooden crates to showcase more of their awesome selection of wines.

  • Role Designer, Fabricator, Finisher

  • For Spencer, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Date July 2017, March 2018

  • Type Cabinetry, Woodworking, Finishing

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